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Desirism: another opinion

March 28, 2010

Over at “the warfare is mental”, cl is the latest to engage with Desirism.  Follow all the exciting adventure starting here.


More on Kalam

March 21, 2010

I am persuaded by the Kalam version of the Cosmological Argument.  Here is some video of its main defender, William Lane Craig, explaining his use of Big Bang cosmology to defend premise 2 of the argument:

The universe began to exist.

These are from his 2004 Templeton Lecture, and are just the Q&A portion. I just stumbled across these, but am glad I did.  The questions in particular are more penetrating than you hear typically in debates.  Enjoy.

Q&A, Part 1

Q&A, Part 2

Q&A, Part 3

Q&A, Part 4